Arcade Power

Hori Fightstick Makeover

Tutorial #12

A customer brought in a bland-looking Hori fightstick and wants us to renew it. He supplied us with a picture to be laminated on the old faceplate and also wants to change the joystick and install the Sanwa octagonal restrictor plate as well. Here's how we did it:

First open the bottom cover and take out the buttons and joystick. Make sure to mark down all the button configurations.


Time to take off the faceplate.

Notice the new joystick will not fit in the original case. We will need to do some modifications to the existing case.


Fits perfectly! Now reconnect the wires.

This customer supplied a beautiful picture of Harley Quinn as his new faceplate picture. We'll laminate this onto the existing faceplate.

Almost done! Wire all the remaining buttons and close the lid.

Finished product! White and red theme looks really good too!